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President & CEO Kazuo Itoh President & CEO Kazuo Itoh
Based on our philosophy of “We dedicate ourselves to manufacture products valuable for the society and welcomed by all the people making extensive use of technologies and wisdom available in every corner of the world,” YUKI GOSEI KOGYO aims to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society by developing, manufacturing, and marketing unique and valuable products that are based on organic synthesis technologies, and supplying such safe and reliable products to people around the world.

Our company was founded in 1947 as a high-tech chemical manufacturer engaged in the industrial development of natural sweet fragrances. Under the post-war recovery in the following years, the company expanded business in the three fields of specialty chemicals, amino acids, and pharmaceuticals, offering a variety of products over many years.

In recent years, a balanced business structure for these three fields has been established through the strengthening of our product portfolio in the healthcare sector and a focus on the steady development of new products. As a first step to further fortifying this foundation and enhancing business continuity, we have launched a three-year medium-term business plan beginning FY2020.

One of the key initiatives designated in the medium-term business plan is “improving quality culture.” We strive to improve the quality of not only our products but also the daily work carried out by each individual employee, through increased investment in employee training.

In the field of amino acids, results have been steadily achieved through open innovation, and we intend to step up the development of new features in the future. In regard to specialty chemicals, we will continue to focus on raw materials in relation to semiconductors and IT as future growth fields, and we will continue offering creative solutions to our customers and further developing our ongoing partnerships. In the pharmaceuticals field, production capacity is expected to expand as new facilities go into full operation. We are planning to reinforce and upgrade existing facilities, strengthen cooperation with our business partners, and improve quality culture as previously mentioned, so that we may meet the expectations of our customers. Furthermore, as a research and development-oriented company, we will make efforts to further improve the success rates of research themes by seeking transparency in evaluations and judgements both inside and outside the company.

Even in the short term there is growing uncertainty due to the ongoing IT revolution and pandemic, and so the choice of corporate strategy determines a company’s success or failure. Keeping this in mind, I am keenly aware of the need to react swiftly and consequently. I can be proud that our products are helping people around the world to stay healthy and protect the environment — the result of the hard work of our predecessors and colleagues. I would like to reciprocate the trust of our customers by sharing our business growth strategy, and I look forward to your continued support.

President & CEO

June 2022

Corporate Philosophy

We dedicate ourselves to manufacture products valuable for the society and welcomed by all the people making extensive use of technologies and wisdom available in every corner of the world.

Corporate Mission

We devote ourselves to the manufacturing of fine chemicals including pharmaceuticals, our expertise, based on our accumulated know-how and state-of-the-art technologies.

We meet diverse needs of customers.

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