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President & CEO Kazuo Itoh President & CEO Kazuo Itoh
YUKI GOSEI KOGYO CO.,LTD. aims to contribute to society by providing safe products to people around the world. Over many years, we have done this through developing, manufacturing and marketing unique and valuable products using synthesis technology, in line with our business vision: “to become a fine chemical creation company with an international presence and with our efforts focused on future-oriented manufacturing.”

Our company was established in 1947 as a chemical company based on advanced science and technology with the aim of contributing to the post-WWII recovery of Japan. Our business started with manufacturing and marketing sweeteners and flavors for tobacco, using synthesis technology unique to the company. We subsequently succeeded in producing life science-related products in Japan using our own technology, including amino acids glycine and beta-alanine, and isoniazid, which is an anti-tuberculosis agent. Our business has always been focused on creating useful products that bring people happiness. We have recently made a capital investment in new facilities, which are scheduled to start their full scale operation in the latter half of fiscal 2018. These new facilities will allow us to further grow our business in the pharmaceutical field through providing active pharmaceutical ingredients, drug intermediates and raw materials as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients for new generics that meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals.

Our aim as we move into the future is to create new commercial value in the healthcare market and to achieve sustainable success that can respond to the needs of new markets and a broad range of customers.

At the time of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, we received support from people around the world. Let me take this opportunity to express our appreciation to all those who extended their help on that occasion. We hope to return the favor by being beneficial to people for the next 30 years and many more years to come. We will continue our untiring efforts to fulfill our corporate philosophy, under the corporate theme: Be a company that survives both in times of growth and of crisis, where all employees work vigorously and actively.

We place importance on communication with our customers through our website. We provide the latest information in such a way as to help them better understand our business and to further improve the corporate value.

We would appreciate your continuing support.


June 2017

Corporate Philosophy

We provide useful products that bring people happiness by making full use of all sorts of technologies available both internally and externally.

Business Philosophy

With focus on fine chemicals, we make every effort for manufacturing in the true sense, using all available wisdom and technology.

We meet diverse needs of customers.

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